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Your complete guide to bedroom hygiene

From light and temperature to pets and allergens, here’s everything you need to know to turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep sanctuary. We spend almost a third of our lives asleep, so naturally, our bedroom needs to be the perfect environment for getting the rest our body needs. However, we often fail to give […]

5 ways to allergy-proof your bedroom

For around 20% of the UK population, spring means the onset of annual allergies The coronavirus continues to dominate every headline, as well as many of our health-related worries, but for many of us this time of year also marks the arrival of another widespread health concern: hay fever. According to the NHS, springtime allergies […]

6 steps to turn your bedroom into a safe haven during lockdown

Finding it hard to sleep easily right now? Changing up the look and feel of your bedroom can help to press the reset button on your sleep patterns. For most of us, we’ve never spent more time at home than in the past month. And chances are you’re feeling more than a little stir crazy. […]