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The truth about snoring and how to stop it

Snoring can cause both discomfort and sleepless nights for many of us, yet it still remains a mystery According to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, 41.5% of the UK adult population suffering from snorers. This works out at around 15 million snorers in Great Britain alone. And while snoring isn’t usually anything to […]

The science behind sleep: what really happens at night?

Despite being a huge part of our lives, there is a lot about sleep that remains a mystery It’s no secret that we all need sleep. While nutrition and exercise often take the headlines in terms of health and wellbeing, sleep is the foundation upon which all other pillars of health are built. High quality, […]

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: the terrifying link between sleep deprivation and dementia

Good sleep is absolutely essential to your overall health, and that includes staving off serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease Dementia is one of the most devastating health conditions of our time. As well as being a serious and debilitating condition – causing memory deterioration, confusion and a gradual loss of functions – it’s also extremely […]

The science behind ASMR

It’s the relaxation phenomenon that’s swept the world, but can ASMR really help you sleep? Many of us have trouble falling asleep. In fact, the NHS reports that one in three of us suffer from poor sleep, with stress being the primary reason behind our sleep deprivation. And because of this, people are seeking out […]

Better Sleep Case Study: Ollie Lawrence

It has been a big 12 months for Worcester and England Centre, Ollie Lawrence. He made his senior England debut in October 2020 and has since gone on to establish himself as a regular in the national squad under Head Coach, Eddie Jones.   Having burst onto the club scene in 2017 and been hotly […]

Implementing a back to school routine that helps the whole family

The transition from summer holidays to school can be tough on parents and children alike, but prioritising sleep can help you complete it smoothly   It’s a time that children dread and parents rejoice: back to school season. Families up and down the country are getting themselves get back in to the swing of drop […]

The powerful immune booster you can benefit from in your sleep

We’re taking a closer look at the relationship between our immune systems and our sleep habits There is no doubt about the importance of sleep for our overall wellbeing. Whether it’s physical or mental health, a consistent sleep pattern is a vital component in staying well. And like sleep, our immune system is also critical […]

Smartphones and smart sleep: can you enjoy both?

Is scrolling through your smartphone screen stopping you getting the sleep you need? Nowadays it’s almost impossible to function without a smartphone. Gone are the days when phones were there purely for making calls; we now use them for everything from shopping and social media to news, work, streaming and more. But this constant scrolling […]