The Wake Mattress

Our Wake Mammoth mattresses takes our leading Medical Grade™ foam sleep technologies and makes them work really hard to deliver improved health and wellbeing in a  really affordable package for those who feel less is more.

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The Rise Mattress

The Rise Mammoth mattresses contains our leading Medical Grade™ foam and PostureCells® technologies in generous amounts for those looking for something more, delivering improved health and wellbeing and remaining affordable.

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The Shine Mattress

Our Shine Mammoth mattresses collection packs in as much of our leading Medical Grade™ foam and PostureCells® sleep technologies as possible. We’ve thrown in a few additional extras for those who believe you can’t get too much of a good thing.

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Medical Grade Foam

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The healthy choice

When you choose Mammoth you can be confident that you’ve bought a mattress that not only feels great, but also does you good too.

So you can be at your best.

About Mammoth

Born from UK healthcare, Mammoth are experts in helping people feel better.

For decades they have eased every day aches and pains and witnessed first-hand the unrivalled healing and health potential of their NHS award winning work.

They are highly experienced in selecting the very best materials and expertise specifically designed to do you good. Technologies and know-how that are scientifically tried, tested, and approved by world leading experts and professionals. They have done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Mammoth have become the go-to provider to elite sport and healthcare.

The 'go to' mattress for professional sport

We are proud to be the chosen mattress provider to professional football, rugby, cricket, elite athletes, sports governing bodies, sports companies and their employees.

Working with likes of Tottenham Hotspur, The Rugby Players Association and the Professional Cricketer’s Association to name but a few.

World Record breakers reach their dream finish with Mammoth

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Why great game days start with a mammoth night's sleep