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It’s National Bed Month! Here are 22 facts you probably didn’t know about sleep

Join us in celebrating the many benefits of a good night’s rest National Bed Month is an annual initiative which encourages us all to remind ourselves of the importance of good sleep. From supporting our physical and mental health to improving our concentration, mood and energy levels, there are endless reasons why getting a good […]

March is National Bed Month 2018

national bed month

It’s time for a refresher course in good sleep health National Bed Month is an annual event organised by the Sleep Council, informing and reminding us all of the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you’ve been feeling tired, achy or run down recently, March is the perfect time to reflect on the quality […]

Start going longer in the bedroom during National Bed Month

National Bed Month

If your night-time experience is often an anti-climax, perhaps it’s time you started packing a Mammoth in the bedroom.  Now let us qualify this innuendo with a bit of basic information. If you’ve got a bog-standard mattress in your home, chances are it’s going to give you a reasonable amount of support and comfort for […]