Does better sleep improve your skin?

Here’s everything you need to know about beauty sleep We all know sleep is vital for your health, but how much does it impact your physical appearance? Research has repeatedly explored the physical changes that can occur when you aren’t getting enough sleep, and a lot of this has to do with the health and […]

What’s the best time to workout for sleep?

Exercise is key to our overall health, but how can you use fitness to promote a healthy sleep pattern? Both regular exercise and a good sleep pattern are vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. But while both are important on their own, it’s also important to understand how they impact each other. You may […]

Better Sleep Case Study: Zach Mercer

Zach Mercer has been one of England’s leading Number Eights in recent years. Having performed consistently in a Bath shirt since 2016, he caught the attention of England coach, Eddie Jones, and gained his first cap for the national team in 2018 against South Africa. After half a decade at Bath, it was confirmed this […]

What to do if allergies are disrupting your sleep

At this time of year, hay fever symptoms are at an all time high, but don’t let that stop you from resting easy After the dark, cold days of winter, we’re now enjoying long days, light nights and (generally) warmer temperatures. However, for around 16 million people in the UK alone, this more positive time […]

Men’s Health Week: 4 ways to safeguard your health and wellbeing with sleep

There are simple steps you can utilise sleep to support your body and mind This week is Men’s Health Week; an opportunity for all of us to pay a bit more attention to men’s wellbeing. Research shows that men are far less likely than women to address health concerns or share worries about their wellbeing, […]

Mammoth sponsors England Men’s Player of the Year Awards at the 2021 Rugby Player’s Association Awards

Tom Curry named Mammoth England Men’s Player of the Year at this year’s virtual awards ceremony hosted by the world’s leading rugby podcast, The Good, The Bad and the Rugby. Mammoth is extremely proud to announce that England and Sale flanker, Tom Curry, has been named the England Men’s Player of the Year for the […]

Should you listen to music while you sleep?

Playing background music while sleeping is becoming increasingly popular, but what impact does it actually have on your sleep quality? Music is often celebrated for its ability to inspire, evoke emotion, and bring people together. But one thing we don’t often hear is that music is a useful tool for improving our sleep hygiene. However, […]

The optimum bedtime routine according to a Sleep Expert

To celebrate the renewal of our partnership with the British Athletes Commission (BAC), we put athletes’ questions on sleep in a Q&A to Mammoth ambassador and renowned Lecturer in Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford, Dr Nicola Barclay.  BAC: So what would an optimum sleep bedtime routine look like? NB: Well, the bedtime routine really […]

5 ways to wind down

It’s time to put down your phone and try these calming evening activities If you struggle to fall asleep, you’re not alone. In fact, the Sleep Foundation reports that between one in 10 and one in three of us struggle with regular sleepless nights, and part of this comes from being unable to relax as […]