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Magical. Incredible. Exhausting. How to avoid becoming a sleep deprived zombie with a newborn

sleeping like a baby

Dr Jonathan Bloomfield I recently became a father for the first time and have been experiencing first-hand the desperate struggles of sleep deprivation. From clumsiness to memory lapses, severe yawning to mood swings, insatiable appetite to that constant feeling of being dazed and confused, I’ve suffered it all. I’m writing this blog post to share […]

Research shows that having children means less sleep for Mum, but not for Dad!

A study by the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health found that women with children on average get a worse night’s sleep than women without. While this is hardly surprising, the same piece of research also revealed that the same can’t be said for men. The college analysed data they gathered by conducting a nationwide […]