The Move mattress & bed

Sometimes we all make do. Why put up with aches and pains that can spoil our day?

The MOVE® mattress and bed collection promotes the very best that Mammoth has to offer with motion technologies to effortlessly ease away the aches and pains of the day. For those who love to relax and wind down in the ultimate sleep environment.

The Move mattress

The Move® mattress is available in 3 models: the Essential, the Plus and the Advanced. Each model builds on the last offering more of Mammoth’s Medical Grade™ technologies.

The Move Essential mattress

17cm deep

15cm Medical Grade™ foam

3 PostureCell® Zones

Medium feel

The Move Plus mattress

22cm deep

20cm Medical Grade™ foam

5 PostureCell® Zones

Medium feel

The Move Advanced mattress

22cm deep

14cm Medical Grade™ foam

6cm SkyFoam®

7 PostureCell® Zones

Softer yet supportive feel

The Move Adjustable Divan

Move Divan & Options

The Move® Divan allows customers to shape their sleeping or relaxing experiance so that they can be at peak comfort. There are also some great options to make that experience even more convenient and indulgent.

  • Infrared wireless handset.
  • Can be used anywhere in the room for a cable free operation.
  • Stylish design.
  • Two maintenance free massage motors one for head and one for foot
  • High quality infrared remote to control massage and bed adjustment
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • 3 wave programmes
  • Timer function

Fastrack Available

Standard with corded remote control.
One size only – 90cm x 200cm
One fabric option only – Azzurro Mink.
One mattress option only – Move Essential
One size only – 90cm x 200cm.

Guaranteed delivery
within 7-14 days.