Your complete guide to bedroom hygiene

From light and temperature to pets and allergens, here’s everything you need to know to turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep sanctuary.

We spend almost a third of our lives asleep, so naturally, our bedroom needs to be the perfect environment for getting the rest our body needs.

However, we often fail to give our bedrooms the care and attention they deserve. Poor bedroom hygiene can have a drastic effect on your ability to sleep. And in turn, getting fewer hours of sleep or a lower quality of sleep can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

To ensure you are the best version of yourself when you wake up, it is essential to have the best quality rest and recovery time. Here are some simple ways you can turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep environment.

Protect your bed

Common indoor allergens like dust and mould thrive in bedding. This deterioration in sleep hygiene can affect the respiratory system and the skin, reducing comfort and relaxation through the night. Using allergen-barrier covers and high-quality sheets can help to protect your bed against dust mites.

Warmth and moisture from your body and your room can also encourage dust mites and mould growth. To prevent this, let your bed cool and dry out before making it. Try to regularly air out your room or even use a dehumidifier on wet days to reduce condensation and moisture in your bedroom. Of course, using a mattress that helps to keep the body cool and dry – like the Mammoth Comfort collection – can support good bedroom hygiene.


Studies have shown that most people sleep better in a cooler environment, with the optimum sleep temperature being 18.3 degrees Celsius.

Our bodies are naturally adapted to experience a dip in temperature in the evening. By creating a cooler environment for sleep, your body will be signalled that it is time for bed, and you are more likely to fall asleep with ease.

To ensure the perfect temperature, turn down your heating at night or keep windows open for ventilation. You can also reduce sweating by investing in one of our high-quality naturally cooling Medical GradeÔ foam mattresses to support this.


We all love our pets, so it can be hard to say not to them when they want to be with us 24/7. However, pets in the bedroom are probably not a good idea. While they can be nice to cuddle, your cat or dog could be carrying bacteria on their paws, or even dust mites or fleas, which can be stubborn to remove.

Studies have also shown that pets that sleep in the bedroom are more likely to disturb their owner’s sleep with noise and movement. Try to get into the habit of keeping pets out of the bedroom to ensure you wake up refreshed and energised – ready for walkies!

Quality matters as much as hygiene

When considering how much time you spend in your bed, it makes sense that you should be giving your body the best quality sleep surface.

Old mattresses can lose their spring, making it harder to get comfortable, and even potentially causing long-term back injuries. When buying a new mattress, ensure you test what firmness is best suited to your personal preference.

Be sure to invest in good quality, breathable materials for your bedding to reduce sweating and maximise your comfort.

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