Top Five Sleep Problems

Problems with sleep

Problems with sleep are the most common compliant of patients visiting their GP. It can have a devastating impact of people’s physical and mental health. Professor Jason Ellis, Head of Northumbria University’s Centre for Sleep Research and Director of Sleep Science at Mammoth describes the top five sleep problems:


  1. Insomnia – the NHS reports that a third of the population will suffer from bouts of insomnia. There is a clear link between insomnia and a range of physical problems and a direct link to depression.
  2. Sleep apnoea – around 6% of population suffers from sleep apnoea which causes interrupted breathing during sleep. It is associated with middle age and obesity.
  3. Restless leg syndrome – is a nerve syndrome that affects around 10% of people at some stage in their life.
  4. Snoring – over 40% of the UK population snore and this can be a significant problem for both snorer and those who share their bed.
  5. Medical related sleep problems – sleep can be a symptom and cause of many serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular disease. However, after the illness has been treated the sleep problems can often sustain.


This means that the majority of the population will at some stage suffer form a sleep disorder.

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