Practitioner Interview: Rob Artingstall, Salford Red Devils

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Rob Artingstall is a Consultant Physiotherapist at the Spire Hospital in Manchester and Head Physiotherapist for Salford Red Devils Rugby League. 

Rob works both in elite sport treating and rehabilitating professional athletes, and in private clinic, treating members of the public. Working across the health spectrum, he describes his work as varied and interesting. But no matter whom Rob deals with, he is keen to impress on his clients the importance of recovery and the two key factors in achieving it – sleep and nutrition.


Rob says:

“Recovery and sleep is what helps you repair and re-energise. You need it to stay fresh physically and mentally. If you don’t get good sleep, you can feel awful and make bad decisions.

“The daily wellbeing work we do with our rugby players shows a strong correlation between sleep quality, sleep time and mood. It certainly affects performance, too.”

Rob was first introduced to Mammoth’s range of clinically proven health mattresses by a colleague who was already recommending the products to his patients. After sampling a mattress in his local bed retailer, he was convinced of the benefits and now can offer first-hand experience of the sleep improvements offered by his own Mammoth.

“It is extremely comfortable. I’ve had the best night’s sleep on it. Previous mattresses have caused me to wake up with an achy back and hips. I have none of this with the Mammoth mattress.

“The mattress completely supports your body, keeping your spine in the perfect position. The materials help to prevent overheating so you wake up having had a great night’s sleep. This has huge benefits for people’s moods and wellbeing.


Rob’s average day at Salford Red Devils

“I get to the club for 7 a.m. every day to prepare for training. From 7.30 a.m. until 9 a.m. we treat and strap players for training before holding a team meeting. This is followed by around 15 minutes of injury prevention work lead by myself, designed to get the players ready for their first session on the field.

“After lunch we treat and rehab the players around their afternoon weights sessions. After leaving the club, I will go to The Spire in Manchester where I treat patients until 8 p.m.

Working in my different roles presents me with a huge variety of challenges, which is why I like it so much I think.


Rob’s top sleep tips

  1. Don’t use phones tablets or computers too close to bedtime
  2. Have a regular routine that you can maintain
  3. Try to keep all light out of the bedroom at night – including electrical appliances and natural light


Rob Artingstall sleeps on a Mammoth Performance Pocket 2000, which he bought from Cousins in Manchester.