Practitioner Interview: BWT Physio

better sleep

Debbie Martin is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Director at BWT Physio. Over the course of a 35-year career, Debbie has always maintained a keen interest in the latest research and technologies – leading her to pursue postgraduate qualifications in musculoskeletal medicine, pain management and acupuncture.

Having worked with patients from all walks of life (including a role as a physio at the last Commonwealth Games in Scotland), Debbie is keenly aware of the important role sleep and comfort play in the maintenance of health and wellbeing.

phhysiotherapyDebbie says:

“I deal with a range of patients, from sedentary workers to the weekend warriors. The challenge is always to enable patients to achieve beyond their perceived potential. And sleep is a vital component of that.

“Sleep is crucial to recovery. It assists the immune and endocrine system to create an environment that encourages repair and promotes good health. When sleep is disturbed, repair hormone production is interrupted and this can delay the healing process.

“Many patients underestimate the importance of sleep as part of their condition and how essential it is to recovery. I always make a point of asking my patients if they find themselves waking up feeling refreshed or tired on a day-to-day basis.”

Debbie and the team at BWT Physio place a lot of emphasis on sleep quality and comfort when treating patients and so she feels it is important that she can make a credible, clinical recommendation when people ask her about improving the sleep environment.

“As a health professional, the evidence base behind Mammoth’s technology is impressive. The fact that Mammoth is partnered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – the first product to achieve this status – supports BWT Physio’s philosophy of providing the ultimate in quality advice to our patients.”

Debbie first heard about Mammoth through her local independent bed retailer, Beds R Uzzz, when looking for a new mattress for her own son. She says,

“Our son has a hypermobility disorder and we were looking for a new mattress for him when he moved out to his first flat. We came across Mammoth and were sold on the benefits immediately.

“It’s been a revelation for him ever since and he’s even taken long taxis home at night rather than staying with friends, just so he can be in his own bed.”


Debbie Martin’s top sleep tips


  • Ban screens from the bedroom
  • Wind down with deep breathing and stretches in bed