Positive Changes Ollie Devoto has taken from Lockdown

In our latest podcast, Mammoth Founder John Tuton chats to England & Exeter Chiefs centre Ollie Devoto about the positive lifestyle changes to be made from the lockdown period in England due to the pandemic.

JP: Throughout the (lockdown) period, has there been anything else you’ve been able to do?

OD: Yeah, I’d say that I’ve realised how fortunate I am to live in the South-West, and when we were allowed out for that hour a day or so, I would research places to go and see, which I’d never done before. Actually down towards Torquay, there’s four or fives coves there which are just beautiful to go and take your dog for a walk, and that’s something that I would’ve never done pre-lockdown. We still on my days off we still say we’ll go somewhere we’ve not been before and some of the beaches especially along here, Budleigh Salterton, you know Exmouth is nice down at the end there where you’re allowed to take your dog so there’s some really nice dog walks that I’ve been lucky enough to go  on.
JP: So it’s a real sort of enhancement in your life then, and I assume that’s something you’ll now, as you are doing, just hang on to as some sort of normality arises?
OD: Yeah definitely, and it helps that my partner is also very active as well. She’s a sports teacher so we sort of motivate ourselves when one of us is not feeling quite right.
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