Physio Case Study: Barry Edwards, Lead Physio at Bath University’s Human Performance Centre and Sports Injury Clinic

Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards, Lead Physiotherapist at the University of Bath’s Human Performance Centre and Sports Injury Clinic, University of Bath speaks to Mammoth about the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

 As the Lead Physiotherapist in a very busy Sports’ Injury Clinic and also a part-time Fitness Instructor, I can’t emphasise enough the importance and benefits of recovery. And that’s where a good night’s sleep comes in. No one wants to wake up tired and in pain when they know they have a non-stop day coming up and are likely to be on their feet for 90% of the day – I know I certainly don’t!

Through my work as a physiotherapist, I work closely with both members of the public and Elite athletes. The job is both physical and hands on, especially when I am required to help patients through manual therapy including sports massage. And my work doesn’t stop when I leave the Sports’ Injury Clinic – I also work as a part-time Fitness Instructor, teaching exercise and conditioning classes.

Recovery is very important to me, because of the physical demands I place on my body on a daily basis. After one too many restless nights and feeling fatigued, and a number of recommendations from colleagues, elite athletes I work with and numerous reviews in the likes of Athletics Weekly, my wife and I made the decision to buy a Mammoth mattress.

We opted for the Mammoth Performance 20 and haven’t looked back since. Within days of buying the mattress, our sleep quality had improved ten fold. I’m waking up less tired and my body feels well rested, ready to face the day ahead.

If you are considering purchasing a Mammoth mattress, my advice would be to find a supplier and try the mattress first to see which one is right for you. There are a number of benefits that the mattresses have but Mammoth offer such a bespoke service and range that there is a perfect solution for everyone – no matter what your sleep pattern, daily routine and preference.

Mammoth’s Medical Grade Foam technology is so good it is recognised by health organisations and recommended by health professionals. Our research partners include the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy, the Chiropractic Patients Association and Newcastle Science City.

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