“A good night’s sleep starts with the right mattress” – Ollie Devoto, England & Exeter Chiefs centre

In our latest podcast, Mammoth Founder John Tuton chats to England & Exeter Chiefs centre Ollie Devoto about his Mammoth mattress and how it helps the night before a big game.

OD: “I’ve got a king size and I’ve got the 270, I think the all foam. I’ve had it for a few years now – I’m actually awaiting a new one, which I’m very excited about, but for me, it’s been absolutely fantastic. You forget about something until it’s gone. Sorry, you don’t realise how good you’ve got, you know, something until it’s gone

And that’s for me, when you go away to a hotel where you’re not in control of where you sleep and you’re not in control of the firmness of the mattress, that’s when you really sit on this bed and you think, “Oh my god, I’m going to have to sleep in this, you know, before a game”. So, for me, I’ve never once woken up and gone, you know, my my back’s in bits or whatever. So, long may it continue. You know, I’m not in any need for a change any time soon.”

JP: “We’re glad we’re supporting you literally and through that. And it’s good that you’ve got a king size at least as well, because it is proven that the bigger bed you have, the better you sleep will go off again because you’re further from your partner. And we’ve talked about partner disturbance being one of the reasons why you don’t sleep well and so it really is big is best when it comes to your quality of sleep. So, you know, king size, certainly for rugby players is almost a minimum starting point and that’s good to hear.”

As Ollie Devoto explained, good night’s sleep starts with the right mattress. Explore our selection of premium mattresses right here on our site, or explore our blog for more updates about the latest sleep news and advice.