Mammoth helping search and rescue helicopter pilot to rest and recharge: Penny Grayson case study

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At Mammoth, we talk a lot about pressure relief. In fact, our reputation is built on it. But few people understand pressure like Penny Grayson. Having joined the Army in 1996, Penny transferred to the RAF in 2001 and has spent over a decade flying Merlin and Sea King helicopters. Having been involved in operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, she is accustomed to the stress that comes with such an important and potentially dangerous job.

Latterly, Penny has been a Search and Rescue commander and was in charge of the last ever Sea King Search and Rescue flight in the Falklands, before returning to the UK where she now lives in South Cerney in Gloucestershire.

Penny has been a long-term customer of Mammoth – and has trusted her sleep to our Performance mattresses wherever she is based. Having recently purchased her fourth mattress, we caught up with Penny to talk about her career highlights, the importance of sleep and her other passion – Triathlons.

search and rescue better sleep“Over the past four years I have been on call 24/7, 365 days of the year as a Search and Rescue Operation Commander. The hardest thing about the role is being called out in the middle of the night in poor weather conditions – often knowing very little about what situation we will be presented with.

“But the most satisfying aspect of working in Search and Rescue is being able to save lives and help people in real danger.”

Years of military training and flying training have brought Penny to where she is today. With such pressure and stress in her work life, she uses exercise and spending time with her 3-year-old Dalmation, Pebbles, to unwind.

“My favourite thing is to get outdoors with Pebbles, who is my shadow. I now represent Great Britain as an age group triathlete and so we spend a lot of time out running together. In fact, it was through a triathlon magazine, 220 Triathlon, that I first heard about Mammoth.

She continues:

“Sleep is critical for me to be able to operate effectively, both at work and as a sportswoman, and so I wanted a mattress that could offer me the very best sleep quality.

I now own a Performance 220, which is extremely comfortable and definitely promotes a good night’s sleep. With Mammoth I wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead – whether it is at work, or ready to race a top-level triathlon.

“With the intensity of work and sport, I need to ensure that I achieve a good night’s sleep and that my muscles are well rested before I go again the next day.”

Like many people, Penny hates being too hot in bed and so the cooling properties of Medical Grade Foam™ and Mammoth’s PostureCell™ technology is particularly beneficial to her.

Penny says, “If I struggle to sleep it really puts me out for the day but thanks to Mammoth I am generally a good sleeper and can usually get the 8 hours rest I aim for.”


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