Finding the right Mammoth collection to suit you.

By choosing Mammoth orthopaedic mattress, you’re already on your way to sleeping better than ever before.

We want to create orthopaedic mattresses for anyone who is focused on their health and wellbeing. Everyone is different so we can’t possibly create one mattress that fits all. While a mattress or range might feel right for you – your neighbour, friend or colleague might be looking for something a little bit different. So, to make sure that we are providing people with the choices they need, we have created two different ranges.

Each range builds on the last, increasing the amount of our technologies that are included – each range benefitting from more of our Medical Grade™ Foam, more of our PostureCells® or additional extras like ergonomic handles and lofted covers.

We’ve done this because some people like more, while others prefer less. There’s no right or wrong – it’s personal and we’re for everyone.

The Wake® Mattress

Our WAKE® mattress takes our leading Medical Grade™ foam sleep technologies and makes them work really hard to deliver improved health and wellbeing in a really affordable package for those who feel less is more.

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The Rise® Mattress

Our RISE® mattress contains our leading Medical Grade™ foam and PostureCells® technologies in generous amounts for those looking for something more, delivering improved health and wellbeing and remaining affordable.

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The Shine® Mattress

Our SHINE® range packs in as much of our leading Medical Grade™ foam and PostureCells® sleep technologies as possible. We’ve thrown in a few additional extras for those who believe you can’t get too much of a good thing.

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The Play® Mattress

Our PLAY® mattress makes sure that your kids don’t miss out on the physical and mental development that comes with a great night’s sleep. Our naturally cooling Medical Grade™ foam is scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep.

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