Exeter Chiefs’ Ollie Devoto shares his top three sleep tips

During our latest podcast hosted by Mammoth Founder John Tuton, England & Exeter Chiefs centre Ollie Devoto shares his top three tips for a better night’s sleep. 

JP: So in conclusion Ollie, you know we’ve talked some great things about sleep, training and recovery. Try and sum up in your own words, in between three and five top tips you would recommend in trying to get the best night’s sleep possible.

OD: I would say for me it’s no TV’s in the room, I’ve had a TV in the past and I didn’t sleep very well, so yeah it’s no TV in the room. Try and stay off your phone, for me it’s from half an hour before you go to sleep. And, I would also say read your book, try and stimulate your mind in that way, get it thinking but not sat looking at your mobile phone and yeah that would be my three tips.
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