Case Study: Carly Thornton

Carly Thornton

Bodybuilder and Bodyfitness competitor Carly Thornton knows a thing or two about keeping in shape. Having represented the UK at international competitions around the world, Carly came to Mammoth in search of a mattress that would help her recover faster between sessions in the gym.

We caught up with Carly to learn a little more about her career so far, and what the future holds now that she’s enjoying the support of a Mammoth.



Hi Carly, can you tell us a little bit about the sport you compete in and what level you have competed at?

I compete with the UKBFF/IFBB in the Bodyfitness/Figure category. I have represented the UK at the IFBB Europeans and Arnold Madrid.


What kind of training goes into preparing for a competition? What would be involved in your working week?

My training changes depending on how far out I am from the show and how my body is looking. I always train heavy but I start with weights four times a week and this slowly progresses to six days a weeks to increase calorie output. I also do some cardio work.


What would class as your proudest moment – either in sport or outside of it?

Oh, that’s a tricky one. I wouldn’t say there has been one moment. My first front cover on a fitness magazine was pretty cool and becoming sponsored. But I suppose really it has to be the journey to my first time competing at the British championships. Every journey has its up and downs but the key to success is to never give up because you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it!


Do you ever get star-struck – if so, who has left the greatest impression on you?

I don’t really get star-struck but it’s really cool to meet other athletes in the industry that you admire. For me, the people who have left the greatest impression are the ones I trust and I can call my friends. They are the ones who really mean everything to me.


Can you tell us what you’ve got coming up over the next 12 months?Carly Thornton

Yes. I’ve got the British Champs in 5 weeks. But before that I have a couple of photoshoots booked in. In November I have the National Fitness Awards, where I am one of the judges. It will be my third time judging and it is always a huge honour. My online PT business – Elite Body and Fitness – is going extremely well so that will also keep me busy. It’s always exciting doing things you are really passionate about!



Mammoth mattresses are known for their health benefits, particularly for people recovering from injury or taking preventative steps to maintain condition. What injuries have you suffered during your career and do any of them still hinder you today?

I have a lot of back discomfort and in general am such a bad sleeper. We all know how important sleep is for recovery and general health, so being able to rely on a mattress that can improve the quality of my sleep is massively important to me.


How important do you think recovery has become as part of the modern athlete’s training regime?

So important. You cannot function or recover without adequate sleep and this is vital in both off-season and competition time.



How many hours sleep do you like to get a night, and do you usually reach your target? I am good with around 7. Any more or any less and I am a zombie!


What kind of environment do you sleep best in – e.g. warm and cosy, cool and clean?

I like cosy, but with a cool breeze so you can snuggle into the covers. Haha!


Can you tell us any details of your bedtime routine! Is it brush teeth, lights off and bed? Half an hour reading? Or a bit of TV?

I tend to chill in front of the TV and then do the usual, teeth, shower, look at social media then bed.


How would you characterise yourself as a sleeper? Are you an “asleep before the head hits the pillow” type or a “restless sleeper” type perhaps?

I have to wear ear plugs I am such a bad sleeper. But I think this is because I have always slept on such an uncomfortable bed previously. It gave me terrible neck ache!


Would you say you deal well with a lack of sleep?

Not well at all, my training suffers and I generally feel rough.


How did you find out about Mammoth mattresses?

I first saw Mammoth in Muscle and Fitness and tested the range at Furniture Village. They were so comfortable that I didn’t want to leave!


What attracted you to Mammoth in the first place?

I like the science behind them and the fact that they were originally designed for athletes.


If you could have a (purely platonic) late night chat with anyone, dead or alive, who’d be worth losing sleep over – and why?

Anyone I am close to: family, friends and I would love to speak to my nan and granddad again because I admire them so much. They are all awesome people.


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