Does a lack of sleep really cause dark undereye circles?

Sleep deprivation comes with many consequences . . . including cosmetic ones The issues that can occur due to sleep deprivation are widespread and varied. From the more immediate symptoms such as a lack of energy and poor concentration, to long-term health consequences like an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other […]

Sleep your way to a happier, more productive you.

We always hear that we need to get enough sleep, but many of us take that fact for granted. During her recent Q&A with Mammoth Dr Nicola Barclay, University of Oxford Sleep Scientist discusses why sleep is crucial to self-improvement.  “So, why is sleep crucial to a happier and more productive person? Well sleep is important, […]

Don’t be scared: the benefits of sleeping in the dark

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark, especially at bedtime Many children and even some adults see the darkness as something to fear. We’re brought up on stories of monsters lurking under beds and in closets, only coming out when the sun has set and the moon is high. This can make the […]

Can lack of sleep reduce testosterone levels?

We’re taking a closer look at the relationship between testosterone and a good night’s sleep Getting older comes with its fair share of challenges – from aches and pains to tiredness. Part of this is the result of a drop in key hormones, including testosterone. And contrary to popular belief, testosterone is a critical hormone […]

Sleep & Learning: Why is Sleep Important for Children?

Most of us have experienced the effects of sleep deprivation after a night of poor sleep: slow reflexes, less patience, and a decreased ability to process information quickly. So, it’s no surprise that sleep deficits can impact children’s learning and school performance. During her recent Q&A with Mammoth Dr Nicola Barclay, University of Oxford Sleep […]

Why you’re still tired after 8 hours of sleep

Sometimes, a full night’s sleep isn’t enough to stop you feeling fatigued It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world: making the effort to get a full night’s rest, only to wake up still feeling like you could hit the pillow and fall straight back to sleep. All of us would like to wake up […]

Why You Need To Be Making Your Bed, According To A Sleep Expert

The act of making our bed in the morning might seem something small and not really significant. Sometimes we don’t do it because we’re in a hurry to get somewhere or simply because we’re feeling lazy. But the truth is that making our bed can be more important than we think! During her recent Q&A […]

What is the best sleeping position?

We all have a favourite, but which one is the best for your sleep health? Unlike sleep patterns themselves, our sleep positions are usually pretty consistent. Even if you go to bed at different times every night, chances are you still go through the same rotation of positions while getting your forty winks. Unfortunately, our […]

Dr Nicola Barclay: Sleeping Well and Staying Healthy

Sleep is a time for recovery, repair and restoration of the body and mind which is so important during these uncertain times. During her recent Q&A with Mammoth Dr Nicola Barclay, University of Oxford Sleep Scientist discusses the link between sleep quality and our immune system. “Obviously, at the moment, we want to make sure […]