Better Sleep Case Study: Ollie Devoto

ollie devoto

Exeter’s talented young centre explains why playing for one of the best clubs in Europe requires him to pay close attention to his recovery.

Coming from a long line of players and coaches, Ollie Devoto’s rugby pedigree was evident from a young age. Having joined Sherborne RFC at the age of 7, he quickly progressed through the ranks at school, club, county and national levels.

At the age of 16, Ollie was picked up by Bath Rugby’s academy and made his first time debut in the 2012-2013 season. But after several seasons at the club, Ollie opted for a change of scenery by moving to join Exeter Chiefs – a team he would go on to win the Premiership title with the following season.

Ollie says that it is this move that prompted a change of approach in his training:

“Having moved to Exeter Chiefs, the change in style of rugby with higher “ball in play” time means there is potentially higher stress on the body. It took me a good pre-season to get used to this and I would say my recovery has become a lot more important because of this.”

Once he had identified the need to improve the quality of the work done away from the pitch as well as on it, Ollie knew that sleep quality was a factor he needed to address.

He says,

“I’ve slept on a Mammoth for nearly 3 years now and have noticed a significant change in terms of recovery. I used to wake up with a stiff back in the morning but since using Mammoth I’ve had no problems. Sleep is clearly important for any sportsperson and I wanted to get this area of my health right.

“I feel Mammoth allows me to maximize the length and quality of sleep so that I’m ready mentally and physically the following day.

“I used to have to nap frequently after training as I wasn’t getting the quality of sleep during the night but I don’t need to do this now, thanks to my Mammoth.”

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