Better Sleep Case Study: Isobel Pooley, GB High Jumper and British Record Holder

My Mammoth is not just the centrepiece of my bedroom, its the centre of my world!

Now living and training in Frankfurt, Isobel Pooley had her new Mammoth shipped out to Germany in November 2017. The Commonwealth silver medallist and British high jump world record holder says:

“I normally have two training sessions per day working both in the gym and on technique in the field. The rest of my time is spent recovering – either eating or sleeping. I’ve been competing in the high jump since I was a teenager so it’s almost second nature to me now.

Photo by John Hesse

“But every time I complete a training session I still get such a buzz of satisfaction and endorphins. Even the aches and pains that come with strenuous activity don’t detract from the fun. I really love how well you can sleep after an intense training session when the body is completely fatigued. As a professional athlete I’m very lucky that I can justify sleep as being part of the process – even having a nap in the middle of the day when everybody else is at work is ok because I need to do everything I can to maximise the benefits of training.

“Recovery is the most important aspect of training and it’s crucial to renew and recover so being horizontal is the best thing for me after a session – especially as a very tall person who has to take good care of my spine.”

Isobel continues:

“High jump is an amazingly fun thing to do for a living and really the hardest part is simply when you pick up an injury and can’t compete in the sport you love – sometimes for months or years. When you can’t shake off an injury the challenge is to keep the motivation and passion alive.”

Away from athletics, Isobel says she loves being active and enjoys bike rides and walks as she explores her new home of Frankfurt. Isobel also practises yoga and has created a space in her home for pre-training stretching:

“I am very house-proud and I love making everything lovely. I have a light, bright and tranquil environment for yoga, morning exercises and dancing!”

Asked about her sleep routine, Isobel says:

“I’m usually in bed at 10pm and up at 8am so that I get a solid 10 hours sleep. I’ll also nap during the day for 1-2 hours whenever it works with my schedule. As far as fatigue goes, I’m really good with early starts but late evenings are a bit trickier. I’m definitely nodding off by 11pm.

“I like it to be quite cool in my bedroom so that I can tuck my duvet right up around my neck. Silence is best and I can’t stand a loudly ticking clock or anything like that!”

Having won her new Mammoth in a British Athletes Commission raffle, Isobel says she feels lucky to have won something with such value to an athlete like herself:

“I could not believe my luck when my name was drawn. Delighted doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m now the very proud owner of a Performance Sky 270 and I’m pretty much addicted to it.

“When I tried it out in the showroom it was simply so comfortable, moulding to my shape when I lay on my side without giving me stiff shoulder or sore back. The top layer is very soft and accommodating but the best part is that it’s still supportive – not saggy but reassuringly firm.

“I now look forward to my daytime nap more than ever . . . my Mammoth is not just the centrepiece of my bedroom, it’s the centre of my world!”

Isobel Pooley tested her Kingsize Mammoth Performance Sky 270 at Colourbank in Leicester

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