Better Sleep Case Study: Charlotte Barras, England and Saracens Rugby Player

charlotte barras rugby

England and Saracens rugby player Charlotte Barras has enjoyed a long and illustrious career. She has played in a World Cup final and competed at the very highest level of both the 15-aside and 7-aside versions of the game. The flying winger, who is also Head of Girls Games at Forest School in London, took the time to talk to us about her career and why she has been a loyal Mammoth customer for several years.


Charlotte, could you tell us a little about your playing career?

I started playing rugby at 16 years of age and gained my first senior international cap aged 22. Playing sport at the highest level was exciting, challenging and wonderful. It’s something I’m very proud of and I’m delighted to have been part of a team that reached a World Cup Final.

My proudest moment in sport would have to be scoring a try in that final against New Zealand – it’s a feeling that is hard to put into words and I’ll never forget it.


What does it take to reach that level in elite sport?

It is an intense environment. We train 6 times a week, which would include 2 team sessions and then we would have a game on the weekend. All that had to be juggled alongside my work commitments as a PE teacher. Over time that level of physical exertion catches up with you and I’ve undergone two back operations.

Good recovery is part and parcel of getting through the rigours of top sport and reaching peak performance. I always aim to get a solid 8 hours sleep a night to ensure that I’m well rested and ready to face the day ahead. If I don’t get a restful and restorative night’s sleep I find that it hinders my whole day, having a negative impact on everything from concentration to the quality of training.

Generally, I would characterise myself as a deep sleeper as long as I have a good mattress to rest on. I like the sleep environment to be cool and I don’t like to mess around reading or watching TV before bed – it’s straight to sleep for me.

Over the years I’ve had several Mammoth mattresses to ensure I get the best night’s sleep. I started out with one of the early Mammoth Sport mattresses; now I sleep on a Kingsize Mammoth Mammoth. It ensures that my back is supported properly throughout my time sleeping. It makes a big difference to stiffness and feeling fully rested for the day.


If you could have a (purely platonic) late night chat with anyone, dead or alive, who’d be worth losing sleep over – and why?

Freddie Mercury, Elvis or any musicians that have sadly left us. I would just like to have a chat to get to know them.


Charlotte Barras bought a Mammoth Mammoth from Fishpools Beds in Hertfordshire.

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