Better Sleep Case Study: Charles Piutau, Professional Rugby Player

Charles Piutau

Currently plying his trade at Ulster in the Pro14 league, the former All Black is considered to be one of the most dangerous runners in world rugby.

After suffering from debilitating back pain on his old mattress, Charles took advice from teammates who sleep on a Mammoth and tried one out at Dreams Boucher Road in Belfast. From that moment he knew he’d found the mattress for him.  

We caught up with Charles to find out more about his career to date and why quality sleep is crucial to keeping performing to the best of his ability.


After turning professional in 2012, Charles Piutau quickly made his mark on the international stage, making 17 appearances for New Zealand’s All Blacks and scoring 4 tries in the process. The youngest of 10 children, Charles first picked up a rugby ball at the age of 6 and worked his way though the ranks with Auckland and New Zealand Under 20s before winning his first cap in 2013.

When asked how he would like to be thought of by his teammates, Charles says that honesty and respect are two things that he values highly. And it’s not surprising that these traits, along with his outstanding running abilities have made him a firm favourite among the Ulster fans since he arrived at the Kingspan stadium.

An average working week at Ulster sees Charles and his teammates put themselves through a series of gym sessions, speedwork, skills training and game simulation scenarios as well as team meetings. But, like all professional teams, Ulster also place great importance on recovery sessions to finish off each day.

And it is the importance of rest and rehabilitation that made Charles think seriously about the mattress he was sleeping on at home. Having suffered significant back, ankle and knee injuries over the course of his career, he wanted a sleep surface that would relieve pressure and reduce discomfort at night, allowing him to enjoy a more restful sleep.

Charles says:

“Recovery work and rest time is now a huge part of the professional game and it is something we are constantly reminded about at the club. If we want to be fresh and fit for the next session in the gym or out on the pitch, we need to make the most of that downtime and do the right things in terms of nutrition and relaxation so that the body is ready to go again.

“I like to get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep each night to ensure that my energy levels are high the next day. I do reach my target most of the time but if, for some reason I fall short of 8 hours I really notice the difference. It can be hard to focus in team meetings and find the energy to push myself in the gym or on the field.

“I would describe myself as a restless sleeper. Getting comfortable in bed can be hard because I’ve always suffered from back pain. I often find myself waking up during the night and needing to stretch off. But once I tried a Mammoth the comfort of lying on it convinced me that it was the right fit for me.

“With the Mammoth I no longer have to wake up during the night to stretch my back. I’ve also invested in Mammoth’s pillows and bed base so that I’m now giving myself the very best opportunity to recover after a hard day and get myself energised for the next session or match.”

Charles Piutau purchased his Mammoth Performance Superking from Dreams Boucher Road in Belfast. To find your nearest Mammoth stockist visit our Retail Finder.

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