Advice to up and coming Rugby players from Ollie Devoto

In our latest podcast, Mammoth Founder John Tuton chats to England & Exeter Chiefs centre Ollie Devoto about what advice he would give up and coming rugby players.

JP: “Ollie, have you got any insight, certainly for the young rugby players out there, where sleep is often downgraded on the list and they’re getting pulled from pillar to post with their mates and the whole world is really sort of opening up to them. For those real aspiring athletes who want to get to the top of what they do, what would be your advice to them?”

OD: “I think if I could go back myself, you know there’s a lot of distractions when you’re 18, 19, 20 and you’re aspiring to be a professional rugby player, I think sleep can be the last thing on your mind and it’s sort of the last resort. But, I think if I could go back I would definitely have paid more attention to sleep because sleep is so important for your next day and that’s where it starts to how successful you are.
We constantly talk as elite athletes by getting better day by day, and what very small incremental percentages of increase. The pressures of professional rugby now is huge, as with all sports, so I would say it all starts with your sleep. And you’ll get found out if you’re not taking those precautions. I would say that going back, the pressures that there are now are a lot more than when I first started. So, to start in that sort of environment you’ve got to get your sleep routine sorted before you start thinking about making these gains the next day”
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